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AdventuresTravels Borneo / Kalimantan - Indonesia
Posted by prayitno on Sunday, January 04, 2009 (02:26:25) (6674 reads)

The people, who visited this area, mentioned this is magical and best experience of eco trip. We will direct you to meet one of endangered and enchanting big animals. It’s Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus sp). They are living free at natural home of Tanjung Puting National Park (Pangkalan Bun – Central Kalimantan). There are 3 feeding stations in this park (Camp Leaky, Pondok Tanggui & Tanjung Harapan) to reach every feeding station we will take you by traditional wooden river boat or called by Klotok. For your information that orang-utans in this park can be divided to be 2 different types. First is orang-utan who originally inhabitant in this park or called by wild orang-utan and second is rehabilitant orang-utan.

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AdventuresTravels Guatemala: kingdom of Lord Chocolate
Posted by spainsun on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (01:33:22) (7832 reads)

By Anonymous
Guatemala was once at the heart of the mysterious Mayan civilisation. James Bedding braves the jungle to uncover its remnants.

Would I really need a security guard to tackle the nature trail at the back of the hotel, I wondered? "You will feel safer," said the receptionist. "Meet him at the gate at dawn." I was to be grateful, soon enought..

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AdventuresTravels The Great Escape (Kenia)
Posted by spainsun on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (01:33:22) (3939 reads)

Foto & Text by Neil & Sue

We cruised south apprehensive of how we were going to dodge the border. We had two waypoints from Tim and Clare De Wits website plus a write up from Dennis Wilson's African Edventure. The Ethiopian border Police are located in a small village called Hadu at 4d38.867'N, 36d11.550'E.

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